Dormer Extras

Once you have decided upon your style of dormer, Pre Cut Dormers can provide everything your require to complete your dormer and very competitive prices. To avoid hours of sourcing materials, review and enquire for a quick and competitive quote.


U.P.V.C, hardwood & softwood: All windows, designs and styles can be supplied to your specific requirsments, all supplied to the necessary escape and thermal regulations of your project.

Vertical Cheek Boards

We can supply various options to clad your dormer including feather edge board, wayney edge board, shiplap – softwood or cedar. Stainless steel mesh can also be supplied to accommodate the rendering of your cheeks.

UPVC Rainwater guttering

½ round square line black, white. Also major ranges of UPVC guttering can be supplied for your dormer.

Lead Trays, Flashings, Soakers, Saddles and Valleys

Window trays can be supplied for your windows with welded upstands. Lead for the required Flashings, Soakers, Saddles and valleys can also be provided to your chosen lead code.

Slate Tiles

Slates or Tiles can be calculated and supplied to match your existing roof covering.

Tile battens

The necessary tile batten to cover your dormer and cheeks can be calculated and provided.

Hip irons

Large or small galvanised hip irons can be purchased.

Valley troughs

G.R.P. Valley Troughs can be supplied or alternatively the required lead to form your valleys

Window board

M.D.F, hardwood or piranha pine can all be supplied to your required lengths and widths


Rigid Felt Support Trays

To protect the eaves of your dormer, rigid felt support trays can be supplied

Eaves Comb Filler

To seal off any unwanted gaps left under larger interlocking tiles at eaves level

Breather Felt Membrane

Any additional breather felt membrane to cover the roof of the dormer can be calculated and supplied